Excavation Services
for Commercial & Residential Properties

Quickly & Cleanly Excavating Your Central PA Property

One of the aspects of T L Long Excavating, Inc. that makes us one of the best residential and commercial excavating practices in Blair and Bedford counties is our equipment. We work with heavy equipment like trackhoes and dump trucks to quickly and cleanly remove dirt and excavate your property. We provide multiple excavation and utility services to the area and are proud to service the agricultural industry.

If you are in a residential or commercial area where you need excavation done to get to a new pipe, or to build a new silo, T L Long Excavating is right for the job. Call us today (814) 793-3993, or Contact us online.

Excavator dumping a load of dirt into a dump truck.

Equipment at T L Long Excavating:


High Lift


Skid Steer

Mini Excavators


Tri Axle Dump Truck

Tandem & Single Axle Dump Truck

Services Provided by T L Long Excavating:

Commercial Excavation

Residential Excavation

Site Development

Septic Systems

Utility Installation

Stormwater Installation




Slate Delivery & Hauling

Topsoil Delivery & Hauling

Rock Removal

Excavation Done the Safe and Correct Way

Excavation is important for any home or business, and having it done in a safe and correct way is even more important. T L Long Excavating, Inc. knows the expertise needed when using big machinery and providing all the services we do. We have the excavators who have the skills and knowledge needed to pull off big jobs like commercial and residential excavation. Excavation is mainly needed to get to underground systems so that you can build on the property. When you plan on building and need to reach an underground system to install utilities, remove rocks, insert septic systems, or simply to create a place to build, call T L Long Excavating, Inc, in Martinsburg, PA.

Central PA Region Served by T L Long Excavating Inc.

• Blair County, PA

• Altoona

• Hollidaysburg

• Martinsburg

• Williamsburg

• Roaring Spring

• Bedford County, PA

• Everett

• New Paris

• Hopewell

• Saxton

• Woodbury