Professional Excavating Services
in Central PA

What is Excavation?

Excavation is the most important service available when building on residential or commercial land. Whether to simply prepare the ground to build or to make sure that everything is up to code before building, you must call a professional excavator. Here at T L Long Excavating, Inc. in Martinsburg, PA, we know what is necessary to get the job done right in a safe and timely manner.

T L Long Excavating has the equipment and years of knowledge needed to complete your residential or commercial excavating project. For more information on our excavating services, contact us by calling (814) 793‑3993 or message us online.

Expert Stormwater Excavating and Grading Services

There are multiple types of excavating, one of which is stormwater excavating. This type of excavation service is used when storms create a lot of water that sits on top of land without adequate drainage. Stormwater can also cause erosion to happen on properties throughout Central PA. To remove the water or fix the erosion and uneven ground with grading or drainage, call on T L Long Excavating. We have the proper grading equipment and experience to successfully add drainage and remove the access stormwater.

T L Long Excavating Offers Septic System and Utility Installation

Other areas that need excavation services from T L Long Excavating include septic systems and utility installation. When you need a septic system installed or repaired on commercial or residential properties in Blair County, it can be difficult to get to. You need to call an excavation service that has the proper tools and knowledge to get to an area where the system can be set up properly. If you have an existing septic system, trust T L Long Excavating for proper excavation.

Site Development and Rock Removal in Central PA

T L Long Excavating also offers site development, grading, rock removal, and demolition for residents of Martinsburg, PA, and the surrounding areas in Central PA. These are all used to prepare and excavate sites to create the perfect space to build your home or business. We also provide and haul topsoil and slate for your site development project. These services are available for the agricultural industry, which we support.

Excavator picking up asphalt debris.

Contact T L Long Excavating for Expert Service

T L Long Excavating has been providing expert excavating services with specialized products since 1972. We are a proud member of the Martinsburg, PA, area and service several areas throughout Central PA. We serve residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. For more information on the expert excavating work we can do, contact us today.

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